Serious Problems With How We Get The News

Democracy does not work if you do not know what happens. This is one of the most fundamental ideas behind the system, people should be informed if they should vote wisely. This is why freedom of the press is an inalienable right of all democratic countries. However, freedom of the press does not always mean that we have access to the truth. There are more threats to journalism than government influence. There are many factors that affect the news that is reported and how it is said, and some of them could be dangerously distort the way we see the world.
Ads become more supporter
We are accustomed to the fact that most of our news sources are based left or right. The news is entitled to editorialize, and in theory, since we have two sides, it should not hurt anything. But in practice, the new supporter creates bigger problems than he believes. The facts are spread by partisan sources of information, and this affects how we view the world. Newspapers left over like the New York Times and the Washington Post, for example, have been shown to publish more stories about unemployment when the president is a Republican when he is a Democrat, although unemployment worsens in the Democrat. And we have all seen through the latest elections how the more conventional media (including cable news) strongly pushing the issue of democratic conversation (whether they are true or not). On the other hand, the Fox News Network was created to ventilate republican philosophies. The network was established by Republican strategist Roger Ailes, who launched it as “a plan to put the GOP into television news.” And this affects the way of thinking. One study found that if you look at someone on Fox News, they will start to take care of the right opinions and if you make them see CNN, they will have more left-wing opinions. Thus seeing partisan news will not be blocked in a single match. And once you’re locked in, you get to see the flaws of your own party. If you tell the Republicans an idea, a study has revealed, they are more likely to support you if you say it came from President Trump than if it says it came from John Kerry. And the Democrats, according to another study, protesting the wars and much less often when their party is in power.
Most popular articles are aware
Another important symptom of focusing on benefits is that the new becomes sensationalist. This is not exactly something new; New sensationalist are as old as the press itself. In the past, articles were felt in articles that focus on crime and murder. But nowadays it is more common sensationalize politics. Many of these links back to Facebook. People are more likely to share articles if sensationalist, and it affects the way an entire generation gets their news. They found that they naturally take millennia to sources of biased and stubborn information in neutral, which is probably related to the fact that 60 percent of them get their news from Facebook. Facebook, these articles sensationalised, inaccurate They simply share more, so more people see them. Buzzfeed, in fact, said that “the best way to generate actions on Facebook is to publish tabloid content and often false.” They meant a criticism to other outlets instead of a confession, but it is safe to say that the most common site on earth knows who is perhaps the biggest culprit (the Russian woman n ‘anyone?) This problem, without However, it is only the inherent profitability. As one Time magazine editor put it, “No one has figured out how to pay people for exceptional quality.”

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