The World

The world is planet Earth and all life in it, including human civilization. In a philosophical context, the world is the totality of the physical universe or the ontological world. In a theological context, the world is a material or profane sphere, unlike the celestial, spiritual or sacred transcendent. The “end of the world” refers to the scenarios of the end of human history, often in religious contexts.

The history of the world in general is understood as covering the main geopolitical events of about five millennia, from the earliest civilizations to the present. In terms such as world religion, world language, world government and world war, the world suggests international or intercontinental scope without necessarily involving participation worldwide.

The world population is the sum of all human populations at any time; Similarly, the global economy is the sum of the economies of all companies or countries, particularly in the context of globalization. Terms such as world championship, world gross product, world flags involve the sum or combination of all current sovereign states.

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